Annual meeting

The Swiss Society of the History of Medicine and Sciences holds an annual scientific meeting on an specific topic or as a workshop on ongoing research projects in Switzerland. The meetings include the annual general assembly.

Annual Meeting 2024 – Call for Papers

The Annual Meeting of the Swiss Society for the History of Medicine and the Natural Sciences (SSHMS) provides a venue for the joint discussion of current research in the history of medicine and science. The Society invites applications for papers to be presented at our Annual Meeting. The call for papers is open to all scholars, especially PhD students and postdocs, to present their current research projects in the history of medicine, health or science.

The annual conference will take place on November 22nd 2024 at the University of Geneva and is open to all those who are interested in the history of medicine and science. We would like to ask applicants to submit abstracts of approximately half a page by the 31st of August 2024, to .

Dr Philip Rieder ()
Dr Taline Garibian ()


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